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Victoria Education Group is an economic group formed by companies that work in the field of education and student exchange programs. Our group consists of: Egali Intercâmbio, Egali Study Abroad, Egali Estudios en el Extranjero, Egali House, One Operadora e Liberty Education. Victoria Education Group’s mission is to contribute, through the international education, to a more friendly world.

Essencially an exchange agency, Egali was founded in 2007 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The first Victoria Education Group company conquered, in just 10 years, the leadership in its segment in Latin America. With a mission of promoting a responsible student exchange program, Egali commercializes language courses programs, course + work and teen programs. We represent the best language schools all over the world and have more than 100 own sales offices, with no franchises, in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador and Spain.







The Victoria Education Group operates since 2014 with its own branch offices in the main cities of Latin America and Spain, through Egali Estudios en el Extranjero, following the same values, culture, mission and vision of Egali Intercâmbio.









Egali Study Abroad is the company responsible for welcoming students from Egali Intercâmbio and Egali Estudios en el Extranjero. Upon arriving the new country, our team help them to initiate the study exchange program. Activities such as walking tours, assistance on visa application and on opening a bank account, weekend trips and social activities are carried out weekly by our support offices around the world.

With a mission of promoting a complete study exchange program, Egali Study Abroad has the largest assistance for travelling students in the world. We have our own support offices in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Gold Coast), Ireland (Dublin), United Kingdom (London), New Zealand (Auckland) and Canada (Vancouver and Toronto).







Founded in 2010, One Operadora is the Victoria Education Group company that sells international travel insurance exchange services to exchange students. The company also operates in the bidding market and ensures that young people coming from the public education system participate in the best exchange programs. Some of the biggest customers of One Operadora are: Egali Intercâmbio, state education departments of the states of São Paulo, Maranhão, Espírito Santo and the Paula Souza Centre.







In 2009 was opened the company Egali House, the first exclusive acommodation for Egali exchange students, in London. The concept is simple: to promote an economic and good quality accommodation for our exchange students. All Egali Houses have pleasant rooms, a good bed, equipped kitchen, quality internet and security for our abroad students. They are located in neighborhoods that provide easy transportation for the guests.

With absolute satisfaction, Egali Houses have expanded to other cities, countries and continents.

Today, Egali House is the most requested and disputed acommodation for exchange students.

We have Egali Houses are in Ireland (Dublin and Drogheda), Australia (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Perth), Malta (St. Julian´s), Canada (Toronto and Vancouver) and in New Zealand (Auckland).








Liberty Education’s mission is to make high school students globally competitive. The company implements, in partnership with renowned colleges:

– The Texas Tech University High School dual diploma program, which allows students to graduate at the same time in Brazilian high school and American high school.

– Texas Tech University’s middle school program, which develops language skills, critical thinking and specific skills developed through interaction with American teachers and tutors.

– The CAP – College Advising Program – which provides high school students to compete with young people from around the world in accessing and obtaining scholarships at universities in the United States.

Thousands of students from around the world participate in Texas Tech University programs. In Brazil, more than 6.000 students have already received the double diploma.


Cristiano Martins

Finance and Operations Director

Victoria Education Group

Guilherme Reischl

Sales Director

Victoria Education Group

Laura Oliveira

Product and Marketing Director

Victoria Education Group

Vanessa Fiuza

Business Intelligence Director

Victoria Education Group

Tobias Gruber

Financial Director

Victoria Education Group

Romeu Medeiros

Innovation Director

Victoria Education Group

Roger Mora

Sales Director

Egali Estudios en el Extranjero Colombia/Ecuador

Leonardo Ferreira

Sales Director

Egali Intercâmbio Brasil

André Kassab

Sales Director

Egali Intercâmbio Brasil

Rafael Dias

Sales Director

Egali Intercâmbio Brasil

Luciana Shimocomaqui

Recruitment Manager

Liberty Education

Vagner Klumb

Accommodation Manager

Egali Study Abroad

Nayanna Berg

Operations Manager

One Operadora

Marília Florisbal

Marketing Manager

Victoria Education Group

Márcio Euzébio

Customer Support Director

Egali Intercâmbio

Lorena Castro

Sales Director

Egali Intercâmbio Brasil

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Social Responsability

Junior Achievement

One of our projects is Junior Achievement São Paulo, an educational and non-profit association that was founded in 1919, in the United States. This association aims to awaken entrepreneurship in young people still in school. It is the largest and oldest organization of practical education in business, economics and entrepreneurship in the world.

Victoria Education Group, through Egali Intercâmbio, invests in this incredible entity that impacts the lives of thousands of young people annually.

Caçapavanos no Mundo

Caçapavanos no Mundo was developed by Egali in partnership with Caçapava do Sul city hall, in Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil. This project aims to encourage the city’s school performance of students from public schools, the meritocracy and award them with 3-week scholarships in different countries around the world.

Teachers from the Municipal Education are also awarded with a trip. Students and teachers are awarded with a language course, accommodation with a homestay, all meals and extra money for personal expenses. Everything is paid for by Egali.


• 2015: Cordoba, Argentina
6 students and 2 teachers
• 2016: Santiago, Chile
3 students and 1 teacher
• 2016: Dublin, Ireland
3 students and 1 teacher
• 2017: Madri, Spain
3 students and 2 teachers
• 2018: Canterbury, England
3 students and 2 teachers
• 2019: Santiago, Chile
3 students e 1 teacher

Participation Criteria:

• Attending the 9th year of Municipal Public School;
• Attendance;
• Discipline
• School performance





Great Place to Work Award

For 11 years in a row, Egali has won the Great Place to Work Institute award as one of the best companies to work for in Brazil.

Amanhã and No Varejo maganizes, as well as Great Place to Work conduct a survey every year to find out which companies offer the best work environments. The verdict is given by the employees themselves in a report that takes into account their levels of trust in the company in 5 dimensions: credibility, respect, impartiality, pride and fellowship.

The survey result is a ranking that shows the top 20 companies to work in the tourism segment. In 2017, Egali ranked in the top 10 in the Medium Companies category (which employs up to 999 employees).

Rotary Club

Rotary International is an association of service clubs whose stated objective is to bring volunteers together to provide humanitarian services and promote ethical values ​​and peace internationally. There are more than 34,000 Rotary clubs in the world, with about 1.3 million members, called Rotarians.

The Victoria Education Group, through One Operadora and Egali Interâmbio companies, are investors in The Rotary Foundation, which develops social programs around the world.

In 2020, the companies One Operadora and Egali were awarded the citizen company responsibility seal.




The Victoria Education Group seeks committed, ethical professionals who enjoy learning. Information on selection processes is available on the websites of each company.