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Victoria Education Group is an economic group formed by companies that work in the field of education and student exchange. Our group consists of: Egali Intercâmbio, Egali Study Abroad, Egali Estudios en el Extranjero, Egali House, Egali Hostel, One Operadora and Liberty Education. All the Victoria Education Group companies are committed to serving their students and guests with quality, safety and ponctuality.

Essencially an exchange agency, Egali was born in 2007 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The first Victoria Education Group company conquered the leadership on it’s segment in only 10 years, in Latin America. Egali commercializes language courses programs, course+work and teen programs. We represent the best language schools all over the world. We have more than 160 own units, with no franchises, in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Spain.

Egali Study Abroad is the company responsible for receiving students from Egali Intercâmbio and Egali Estudios en el Extranjero. Arriving at destination, our team help students to start their exchange course. Activities like walking tours, help in visa process and opening a bank account, weekend trips and integration activities are made weekly in our offices all over the world. Today, Egali Study Abroad has the largest exchange student receptive network of the world. With operations in Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Gold Coast), Ireland (Dublin e Galway), United Kingdom (London), New Zeland (Auckland) and Canada (Vancouver and Toronto).

Our Units

Gold Coast




One Operadora is the Victoria Education Group company that commercializes services of international travel insurance e currency exchange services for exchange students. The company also acts in the biddings business e assures that young people comming from public education participate in the best exchange programs. Between the biggest One’s clients are Egali Intercâmbio and state governments like Pernambuco, Maranhão, Espirito Santo e São Paulo.

Egali Hostel, wich first emmerged in Dublin, was planned to enable a good stay for backpackers from all over the world. With a young team, Egali Hostels conquered respect internationally, as it can be cheked with costumer reviews on and Currently there are Egali Hostels in Malta, Santiago and starting from 2018, also in Cape Town.

Our Units



In 2009 was opened the company Egali House, the first exclusive acommodation for Egali exchange students, in London. With absolute satisfaction, Egali Houses expanded to other cities, countries and continents. Today, Egali House is the most desired and disputed acommodation for exchange students. Egali Houses are in 11 cities all over the world.

Liberty Education offers an american High School program that goes on simultaneously with the brazilian high school. The Dual-Diploma Program, from Texas Tech University Independent School District (TTUISD), allows students to conquer a second certificate in an identical american study environment.

Our Units

Jack and Jill – Ribeirão Preto, SP
Escola Carolina Patrício – Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Uni-FACEF – São José e Franca, SP
Colégio Acadêmico – Limeira, SP
Colégio Carlos Chagas Filho – São José do Rio Preto, SP
Colégio Sigma – Rio Branco, AC
UNAERP – Ribeirão Preto, SP
Colégio Nomelini – Barretos, SP
The English Academy – São Paulo, SP


Cristiano Martins

Finance and Operations Director

Victoria Education Group

Guilherme Reischl

Sales Director

Victoria Education Group

Laura Oliveira

Product and Marketing Director

Victoria Education Group

Thiago Gonçalves

Sales Director

Egali Estudios en el Extranjero México

Alexis Corona

Sales Manager

Egali Estudios en el Extranjero México

Roger Mora

Sales Manager

Egali Estudios en el Extranjeo Colombia/Ecuador

Paula Rezende

Sales Manager

Egali Estudios en el Extranjero España

Fabricio Oliboni

Sales Manager

Egali Intercâmbio Brasil

Tahiana Stefani

Sales Manager

Egali Study Abroad UK/Ireland

Leonardo Ferreira

Sales Director

Egali Intercâmbio Brasil

André Kassab

Sales Director

Egali Intercâmbio Brasil

Luciana Shimocomaqui

Recruitment Manager

Liberty Education

Vagner Klumb

General Manager

Egali Hostels

Nayanna Berg

Operations Manager

One Operadora

Márcio Euzébio

Operations Director

Egali Intercâmbio

Social Media

Social Responsability

Junior Achievement

One of our projects is Junior Achievement São Paulo, a non-profit educational association that was founded in 1919, in the United States. This association has as a goal awekening the entrepreneurship in young people still at school. It’s the oldest and largest organization of practical education in business, economics and entrepreneurship of the world. In 2016, Junior Achievement benefited 42 thousand young people.

Caçapavanos no Mundo

Caçapavanos no Mundo was developed by Egali, together with the City Hall of Caçapava do Sul, in Rio Grande do Sul. This Project has as a goal estimulating the school performance of the city’s public school students and reward them with 3-week scholarships in several countries around the world.


• 1st: Cordoba, Argentina
• 2nd: Santiago, Chile
• 3rd: Dublin, Ireland
• 4th: Madrid, Spain

Participation Criteria:

• Being in 9th year of Municipal Public school
• Frequency
• Discipline
• School performance

Great Place to Work Award

For 7 years in a row, Egali wins the Great Place to Work institiute award as one of the best companies to work in Rio Grande do Sul. Amanhã magazine and Great Place to Work make a survey every year to find out wich companies offer the best work environments. The veredict is given by the employees

themselves in a report that takes into account their levels of trust in the company in 5 dimensions: credibility, respect, impartiality, pride and fellowship. The survey result is a ranking that shows the top 40 companies to work in Rio Grande do Sul. In 2017, Egali was on the top 10 for medium sized category companies (wich employ up to 999 employees).



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Sales Consultant - Egali

It markets exchange programs. The service is done at the company's office and also through telephone and e-mail. In addition to these tasks, the CV should carry out Trade Marketing actions, visiting strategic partners to publicize the company's activities and strengthen the partnership relationships.

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Office Coordinator - Egali

Manages the Egali unit and markets exchange programs. It is the role of the office coordinator to plan and organize Trade Marketing in your region, conduct partner relationships (universities, colleges and English schools), sell exchange programs, and manage the office.
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Student Support Operational Consultant - Egali

It acts in the attendance to the enrolled students, assisting them in their visa procedures and review of documentation, after-sales contacts, preparation and orientation to the students before and during their exchange.

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Operational Consultant - Egali

Vacancy for operational consultant for the Products Sector.

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